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BIONAS Group originates from its founders’ family business dated back to 1920’s in a small farm in Anatolia. In 1950, family-owned Company made its first export from Turkey to Europe. Over the years, the Company has grown through a fully-fledged commodity trading house and gained the trust of its Clients around Europe, the USA, Canada and Northern Africa.

As the Soviet Union was broken up and the Eastern Block started to restructure their economic resources, the opportunity to work with farmers arose since such Countries issued new laws to privatize public owned farms. Romania has rich agricultural lands where a different variety of crops can be produced.  By 1990, BIONAS took its place in agricultural production and started to establish its links at Romania. By opening its first branch in Romania, good relations were set with local farmers and with Romanian Governmental Organizations to carry Agro Business there. Then by 1996 as positive progresses were achieved there BIONAS decided to diversify to other countries and established its links within Ukraine and opened a company to search products to market. For long years of efforts in marketing of conventional products BIONAS Group reached

1 million tons of conventional commodity trade volume in 2005.

After receiving good success in conventional products and seeing that the global need in Organic Products was increasing rapidly, by 2005 BIONAS decided to enter marketing of Organic Crops. During this time researches were carried out in Black sea Region of Turkey for organic grains & oil seeds, as requests from feed and crushing industry in Europe & USA were increasing.


By then, BIONAS has seen good opportunities in Russia, where a large scale of both conventional and organic farming was being processed. BIONAS, having around 30 years of operations in Agro Business, carried out researches and expanded its look for organic agricultural fields in Romania, Ukraine and Russia. As a result, BIONAS decided to concentrate in Russia.


To get started for the Organic Certification Processes, suitable fields and farmers should be located and to complete whole of the processes and getting Certificates almost three years of time was spent. BIONAS has signed its first agreements to supply organic crops and since then, it became to be a specialized Organic Commodity Trading Company with a vision of sourcing and processing.

BIONAS Group who is certified to produce and market organic agricultural grains and oil seeds is serving to the related internationally well-known industrialists under sustainable production and supply through its well experienced professional team within its organization.

BIONAS Group produces organic grains and organic oil seeds at certified farms in Russia and exports these crops to the industrialists in Europe continent and American Continent. Products are being used as inputs in the organic foods, organic feeds, and medicine and cosmetics industry.



As being a dynamic and trustful provider to meet the demands of the global market, the objective is to keep up with the safety and control requirements in production, distribution of Organic Grains and Oil Seeds under the schemes of Organic and Feed Safety Certificates.



2009, 2010, 2011          – #1 in the tenders of Turkish Grain Board (TMO)

2011                                – Recorded the group turnover as $300 million

2013                                – Started works and investments to be certified to produce and market of organic agricultural products in Russia

2014                                – Organic production and marketing certificate acquired

2018 -2020                    – Perform our own Sustainable and competent Organic Production & Supply System with 100% Traceability as per EU Regulations 834/2007, 1235/2008