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BIONAS Group who is certified to produce and market organic agricultural grains and oil seeds is serving to the related internationally well-known industrialists under sustainable production and supply through its well experienced professional team within its organization.

BIONAS Group produces organic grains and organic oil seeds at certified farms in Russia and exports these crops to the industrialists in Europe continent and American Continent. Products are being used as inputs in the organic foods, organic feeds, and medicine and cosmetics industry.


As being a dynamic and trustful provider to meet the demands of the global market, the objective is to keep up with the safety and control requirements in production, distribution of Organic Grains and Oil Seeds under the schemes of Organic and Feed Safety Certificates.


1905                                  – Life of grains production, started in family farm in Malatya (Turkey)

1920                                  – First industrial production, milling factory established in Malatya (Turkey)

1950                                  – First exportation done; Europe

1985                                  – Trading started with Russia

1990                                  – First company opened in abroad; Romania

2006                                  – Organic product trades started to EU countries

2009, 2010, 2011               – #1 in the tenders of Turkish Grain Board (TMO)

2011                                   – Recorded the group turnover as $300 million

2013                                   – Started works and investments to be certified to produce and market of organic agricultural products in Russia

2014                                   – Organic production and marketing certificate acquired

2018                                   – Organic grains and oil seeds production is continuing at 50.000 Ha farms to produce 200.000 tons/year capacity.