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Our responsibility starts from the soil, before any seed is sown, following every stage in detail and activities are recorded, until the use of the products as inputs by the industrialists producing organic food and product who are paying utmost attention to the environment and human and animal health.

Bionas performs all activities with serious care from the production of the certified products until delivery to the clients.

 Production and Trade of Organic Agricultural Products by BIONAS

  • BIONAS, pays attention to the health of human and animal with its sophisticated and experienced organisation structure, by realizing investments in order to provide the required quality on the production.
  • BIONAS performs the needs of production process in the framework of quality assurance certificates with the training programs given to its farmers.
  • BIONAS performs much of the all processes to enable the rotational planning and necessary protections on soil efficiency, to provide the healthy products without application of chemicals.
  • BIONAS with the acquired Organic Certificates issued by the accredited control bodies of EU, through the analyses made at every stage from production to delivery, issues its statements and perform researches for improved applications.



BIONAS Tarim Ltd. Şti. – Turkey


ECONAS SRL – Romania